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  • 100 % Secure Online Archiving
  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

Free Services :

  • No software costs
  • No licence fees
  • No contracts
  • No integration
  • No new servers
  • No maintenance costs
  • Multiple users
  • Continuous backup


Reduce costs immediately and drastically
  • No more ongoing storage and retrieval costs
  • Eliminate postage and printing costs
  • Quick Real-Time response to queries
  • Pay only once. No on-going charges

Retrieve documents in an instant

  • Clients or your staff can retrieve documents
  • Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

Market New Products and Services on your statements and invoices

  • Add Tracking links to statement adverts to see who is responding to what
  • Customise specific adverts to individual clients

Centralize your documents with easy access

  • Upload and retrieve documents from any remote location in the world that has an internet connection.

Multiple user access

  • No costs for one or 1 million users to access their documents.

Reduce Band width requirement and processing capacity

  • Our hosted solution does not require that you buy additional PC’s, servers, or memory

Secure your documents in a trusted format that comply with all local regulations

  • No danger of loss due to Fire, Flood, Theft or Water damage.
  • No software costs
  • No licence fees
  • No Capex investment
  • Simple to Use - Quick and easy adoption
  • No contracts

WHAT is HammerEDD

HammerEDD is an application that ensures secure and compliant electronic archiving, instant access and document delivery.


Take the final step to free yourself of paper. Blue chip companies across South Africa, like banks, credit card companies, micro-lenders Eskom, SAB, IBM, UTi and many others use the HammerEDD system for secure, reliable and compliant Electronic Document Delivery and Archiving.

HammerEDD takes ECM (Enterprise Content Management) to the next level:  Companies are able to include both hardcopy documents (paper based) and digital data into a single SaaS indexed electronic archive.  This eliminates the need to keep Proof of Delivery notes (PoD’s)  and other supporting documents in paper format!


Upload your Raw Data (Statements, Invoices, Payslips) to HammerEDD by FTP and HammerEDD sends out your document at a rate of 20 000 documents per minute by email, fax, SMS  or MMS.
Scan your documents (Delivery Notes, Agreements Contracts, Signed Payslips)) into HammerEDD direct from your desktop scanner or processing centre and they are stored forever.

Access your documents anytime anywhere. The documents are archived and cross linked for easy access, by multiple users, at any time in the future.



  1. Save Money
  2. Increase  Productivity
  3. Improve Customer  Satisfaction
  4. Improve Staff Morale

Eliminate printing and postage costs - Postage Costs approx  R 3.50 or more HammerEDD costs less than this.
Eliminate On-going archiving costs - The 7 year HammerEDD archiving cost is included in the once-off  data capture  cost.
Immediate delivery of documents - Reduce Debtors days by avoiding postage  delays.
Reduced Costs - No user licence fees, No software costs,  no extra computing capacity required.
Electronic Marketing - eliminate printing and posting of costly leaflets. Market using integrated Transpromo adverts.


Real Time Responses - locate documents for customers in an instant.
Automatically Index - Scan documents and automatically index in the archive.
Cross Reference - link electronic documents and scanned documents automatically.
Email Documents - up to 20 000 per minute.
Accurate filing - no lost documents and no mis-filing
Easy adoption - very easy to use.
Marketing - add special offers or newsletters to the documents sent out.
Sell Advertising - space on your stationary to your suppliers.


Customer satisfaction - Customers get immediate responses to their queries... no more delays.
Staff satisfaction - No more trying to track that lost document.
Retrieve the document in an instant and get praise from your customers.
Happy customers, means happy staff.
Multiple access - More than one person can access.
HammerEDD to retrieve, view, re-send, documents.


Compliance - with The Companies Act, SARS, ECT Act , Ernst and Young and legislation
SaaS - Software delivered as a Service
Hardware - no special hardware required on site
Implementation - Seamless with no backward system integration required
Carbon footprint - reduced by cutting down on paper use
Encryption - 128 bit encryption to world standards
Capture - Scan, index (automatically) and capture hard copy documents
Accuracy - Accurate high volume electronic delivery
Application - Robust, high performance fully tested application
Redundancy - Secure storage database – full DR site
Search Function - Flexible document search functionality
Access - Instant access to archive from any location
Cross reference - between electronic documents and scanned images
Electronic Rendition - True dot-for-dot electronic rendition of documents
Software - No third party decryption software required
Reports - Fully customizable reports
Audit - Complete audit trail detailing user access to archive and actions applied to documents.