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How it Works - Compliance


Our solution complies with the VAT Act, Companies Act, the ECT Act, SABS, auditing requirements  and various other  relevant South African legislation and regulations , has a full DR site and top level records security systems.

Used by major South African banks, credit card companies, many municipalities, utilities providers, distributors, IT companies, healthcare providers, mines, retailers, telecommunications companies and many blue chip companies and industries.

The key factors below, will give you an indication as to why valued clients have chosen to use Document Master.

The acceptance of the internet as the means of communication and data storage means more and more organisations are moving business processes online.  It is crucial not to confuse cloud computing with a hosted solution.
Hosted in our case, means your data is ONLY WITH US and on our back up site, nowhere else.  Cloud solutions in many instances, mean your data could be anywhere even on sub-contract servers. We will never allow your data to be hosted anywhere but on server dedicated to your data. Security of data guaranteed.

With the growth of the Internet, so too has government legislation relating to document security grown. This legislation, known as compliance, is viewed by many organisations as a burden that can be a threat to profitability. It takes up a lot of time, time which could be better spent on other, more profitable work. We handle this.

Complying with Compliance

Business has no choice but to comply with the regulations imposed. Protecting confidentiality of documents and the privacy of information is absolutely essential, not just to protect clients, but also to protect your own organisation from facing heavy fines, information leaks and a damaged reputation.
Electronic documents contain sensitive information, so we make sure these documents are properly protected and meet the regulatory requirements set out by the government, including those relating to consumer privacy and SARS.

With Document Master Compliance is Easy

While compliance is a difficult exercise, our recommended record management system, makes compliant electronic document delivery easy. All documents delivered  comply with all regulatory legislation, by incorporating security elements that are an integral part of the document and therefore follow the document throughout its lifecycle. Full audit trails of who did what to each document are recorded on our information retrieval, information distribution and information archiving system giving you peace of mind that your electronic documents are safe and secure.

Document Master solutions ensure:

  • Confidentiality – by giving only password protected and authorised access to the online documents
  • Authorisation – restricted permissions to work with the document
  • Accountability – track what has been altered on the document and by whom
  • Integrity – find out whether the document has been altered Authenticity –  track the origin of the document
  • Non-repudiation – a signatory cannot deny signing the secure document as the scanned copy is a dot-for-dot copy of the original
  • Encryption -  all sensitive documents and data is encrypted and password protected and uses embedded functions, so end users do not need to install any special software. Documents will not be stopped by firewalls and virus scanners.
  • Digital Certificates -  Digital Certificates up to 256bit encryption, supported

Compliance the Document Master  way

Electronic document delivery is easy and convenient with us secure online desktop solutions, which meet the strictest compliance regulations related to electronic information sharing. Banks use our systems and so the highest levels of security are implemented.

The ECT Act, The Company Act, SARS and other relevant acts

IN one sentence, the Document Master recommended solution complies with all relevant South African legislation, giving you peace of mind.

The software solution has been audited by Ernst & Young their report confirms compliance with all the requirements as stipulated by SARS.

The South African Revenue Service has accepted that tax invoices, credit or debit notes may be issued not only as paper documents, but also as electronic documents.
The Value-Added Tax Act, 1991, refers  to documents  without stating that a tax invoice must be a paper based copy.

The South African Revenue Service's requirements wrt electronic tax invoices, credit and debit notes are as follows:

  1. The tax invoices, debit or credit notes must contain the mandatory information for tax invoices, credit or debit notes as stipulated in sections 20(4), 21(4)(a) and 21(4)(b)respectively.
  2. Documents must be transmitted in encrypted form of at least 128 bit.
  3. The supplier and the recipient of the supply must retain the documents in readable and encrypted form for a period of seven years from the date of supply.
  4. If a service provider is used, they must also retain the documents for a period of seven years.
  5. Both the supplier and the recipient of the supply must have the necessary codes or other means available to enable SARS auditors to compare the documents in readable form,  with those in encrypted form.
  6. The transmitted electronic document will constitute the original tax invoice, credit or debit note. Hard copies extracted from the system must bear the words computer generated copy tax invoice, computer generated copy credit note or computer generated copy debit note thereon. All further copies must also bear such words.
  7. The recipient of the supply must confirm in writing that he is prepared to accept electronic tax invoices, credit and debit notes under the conditions set out herein. Such authority must be retained by the supplier for a period of seven years after the last electronic document is issued to the recipient.

No other tax invoice, credit or debit note may be issued in respect of the specific supply, unless such document is marked as a copy of the original document. Any vendor that complies with these requirements and advises SARS may issue electronic tax invoices, debit or credit notes in place of paper based tax invoices, debit or credit notes.