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  • 100 % Secure Online Archiving
  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

Free Services :

  • No software costs
  • No licence fees
  • No contracts
  • No integration
  • No new servers
  • No maintenance costs
  • Multiple users
  • Continuous backup

Modules - Electronic Document Archiving

Who is archiving electronically……probably your opposition and profitable companies !

Why archive electronically :

  • Save space, time and money
  • Take control of your documents
  • Find documents in an instant - Indexed Electronic documents are traceable
  • Password protected access – secure and safe
  • Never ever lose a document again – secure, safe, indexed and backed-up
  • Send, Re-send, View, Access documents as many times as you like at a fraction of the time and cost of using a hardcopy document
  • Resolve client queries in an instant
  • Resolve internal queries quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce storage costs – a warehouse is more expensive than a computer hard disk
  • Create your own search criteria to locate documents using automatically indexed fields

Instant access, instant retrieval, free marketing channel

Document Master Archiving

The Document Master solution is a secure and legally compliant electronic document archiving, document delivery (email, fax, SMS, MMS), electronic marketing and document indexing solution, which is fully compliant with SARS, the ECT Act., The South African Companies Act and major auditing firm’s requirements. We handle your compliance.


Where large quantities of documents such as monthly statements, invoices, delivery notes, payslips or any other document that needs to be kept for future use or due to legislation requirements, must be kept secure. In many applications these documents need to be sent to customers by email (to save costs) and simultaneously indexed and archived for immediate viewing or resending. Safe and secure !


HammerEDD is essentially a secure document repository with built in redundancy (backup) and encryption (tamper proof), with the ability to retrieve specific archived documents, which are linked to one another i.e. Statements are linked to invoices and to delivery notes.

Disaster Recovery

No archive is 100 % safe and so we duplicate all data and backup on off-site servers. All data is also held in a vault and we can provide you with copies of all documents we archive on your behalf. The banks are happy with our DR program. You should be satisfied too.

Upload of Documents

Send scanned documents or raw data (from any source - FTP, Email, Print stream, CD, Flash Stick) to our servers and we will encrypt documents and archive these for 7 years or longer, for a once-off nominal cost. No on-going fees. Pay only once !

Automatic Indexing

No longer do you need to manually index scanned documents. Let our system automatically index documents (label documents), so that you can find them in an instant. Save on labour costs !

Instant Access

Once documents have been uploaded into HammerEDD, these document can immediately be Searched for, Retrieved (because they are automatically indexed), Viewed, Sent and Re-sent (by email, fax, MMS, SMS, print or even saved to your system). Real-time !


Banks, credit card companies, micro-lenders, security companies, major IT companies, are more than satisfied with our systems. All the necessary security and data  back-up systems are in place. If you require more specific security measures implemented we can accommodate. Full DR site ensures no document is ever lost again.


Typical clients include blue chip corporate companies such as, South African Banks, Credit Card companies, Insurance companies, IT companies, government departments, utilities companies, telecommunication companies, distributors, retailers that handle large volumes of hard copy documents and raw data.

Process Speeds

We offer a highly secure, purpose built archiving repository that can archive hundreds of thousands of documents per hour. We create legal and tamperproof electronic documents in a 128 bit encrypted PDF format, with the option for password protection and full search-ability (able to locate a PDF document in a secure electronic archive).

Document Format

HammerEDD produces workable copies of secure documents in alternative formats, which can then be imported into other office applications.


Documents uploaded and archived and which may need to be sent out to your clients by electronic means (email or fax) can have marketing material incorporated into them. You can charge your own customers to advertise on these documents and in so doing recover costs.  For example : When the monthly statements are sent out, a special offer advert for the following month can be incorporated onto the statement. Users can get their clients to advertise their products and you can charge them to do this. In so doing you recover your document sending and archiving costs.

Attachments could also include non secure documents such as newsletters, campaigns, and promotions, providing you with the ability to promote and market additional services you may wish to offer to your existing client base.

Electronic Archiving and Document Warehousing - Other Features

Secure Acces

Convenient BUT secure access to documents stored in a central repository.


Documents are easily searched by index or content. Search results can be viewed, annotated, printed, e-mailed or faxed with no file movement required. A full history (audit trail) is maintained for all document activity.

Permissions Structure

A flexible but powerful permissions structure provides a highly secure environment for all documents.

Linking of Documents

Documents may have any number of attachments, and can be linked to other documents for easy cross-referencing. E.g. Statement linked to Invoices, linked to Credit Notes, Linked to PoD.

PDF Standard

We make use of the secured 128 bit encrypted PDF format standard. All documents are stored in a legislative and regulatory approved electronic file format, for long term electronic document archiving.

Bandwidth Constraints

When forwarding documents within a typical workflow environment, the original document remains in a central repository. Bandwidth constraints are only applicable when viewing documents. We have a very large bandwidth and so limitations are generally from outside service providers.