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  • 100 % Secure Online Archiving
  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

Free Services :

  • No software costs
  • No licence fees
  • No contracts
  • No integration
  • No new servers
  • No maintenance costs
  • Multiple users
  • Continuous backup

Modules - Electronic Document Distribution


Why opt for a new modern document management solution  ?

If any of the following is applicable to you, then you need to review your document management system to eliminate the bottlenecks and to stay ahead of the competition.

  • lost or misfiled documents
  • volume of documents becoming unmanageable
  • slow responses to client queries
  • document distribution problems – internally and externally
  • multiple user access to systems needed
  • simultaneous access to documents needed
  • response time to internal queries too slow
  • sales are under pressure to make more sales
  • marketing needs more information on what your clients want
  • remote offices need more access or need to respond quicker
  • administration costs increasing

The Solution

Document Master -  which is a robust, purpose built electronic document delivery and document management system that creates, compiles, sends and archives, legal and tamperproof electronic documents, in a 128 bit encrypted PDF format, with password protected access, to specific destinations, via electronic means – email, fax, SMS to multi-platforms i.e. PC, mobile phone, laptop, tablet, iPad or other.

How it works

  • Upload Raw Data –  You upload your data (raw data, print stream or scanned documents) to our servers e.g. Statements, Invoices, Payslips, PoD’s, GRV’s Credit Notes, Waybills or other. Data automatically archived for retrieval.
  • Compilation - Our system then compiles the data into 128 bit encrypted PDF, tamper-proof documents, according to your specifications i.e. logo, layout, adverts, financial information, and can embed adverts with active click-thru recording (see what adverts your clients are responding to)
  • Advise - We advise you when the process is complete and documents are ready to be distributed
  • Release - You authorise the batch release, online.
  • Send - We send the encrypted tamper-proof PDF documents to your clients, by the method your client requires i.e.  email, fax, SMS, FTP, website or even post , if required.
A difficult task made simple


The Document Master recommended records management system is a Hosted Solution (SaaS – Software as a Service). In other words, free software, no need to buy PC’s and servers,  no user fees, accessible 24/7 by multiple authorised users, from any remote location in the world.

Why us

Clients that currently use the Document Master recommended system, radically decrease their document distribution and document archiving costs, reduce internal document management problems, increase control and use the Transpromo facility to communicate with their clients because our system :

  • automatically indexes both scanned and raw data that is uploaded
  • gives authorised users instant online access to any of their own documents in the system
  • allows  viewing, sending,(by email, fax, SMS) to any defined destination, resending, printing or saving  (to your own system)
  • included is bulk electronic document distribution and free archiving for 7 years
  • adverts can be embedded in electronic stationery sent out to market your products


The Electronic Document Delivery and Electronic Archiving system, offered by Document Master, is fully compliant with SARS, the ECT Act, The South African Companies Act, SABS and auditing requirements. The system has been in operation in South Africa since the year 2000.


Are based on a ONCE-OFF transaction fee, billed when each transaction is uploaded to our enterprise contact management system. A transaction is defined as Statement or Invoice (which can be up to 7 pages long). There is also a once-off set up fee.

There are Set Up costs, in some circumstances.

Key user benefits :

Cost Benefits :

  • Once-off upload fee – no on-going charges
  • No user licences
  • No software to purchase
  • No Capex i.e. no servers nor PC’s to purchase
  • Free access - 24/7
  • Free resending of documents by email (a fax attracts Telkom line costs)
  • Unlimited users – no cost
  • Electronic distribution - eliminate postage and printing costs

Security Benefits

  • Password protected access – internal authorised staff can retrieve documents online
  • Customer access – give your customers access to their own documents
  • Secure system (Disaster Recovery in place), vault copies and backup sent to clients
  • 128 encrypted documents – makes documents tamper proof gives high level of security

Archiving benefits

  • Archiving for 7 years or longer included in the once-off upload fee – pay only once

Hosting benefits

  • Hosted solution so we update all software – you never have to update again
  • Web based SaaS (Software as a Solution)  - no need for the purchase of any software
  • Secure Cloud Computing – no need to buy new servers, memory or PC’s
  • No contracts to sign - stop using at any time. No questions asked

Integration benefits

  • System compatibility - no backward integration required. All we need is your raw data from any accounting or resource management system e.g. SAP, Oracle, VIP Payroll, Pastel, AccPack, or any Legacy system, and you will be running in 3 weeks.

System benefits

  • Robust, high quality, stable servers – major South African banks use our servers
  • Simultaneous access – different users can view the same document at the same time

Contractual benefits

  • Service Level Agreements - we will sign a SLA to give you peace of mind
  • No Contracts to sign – we will not tie you to any contract. Just stop if you do not wish to carry on using the system.

Marketing benefits

  • Place adverts on your stationery – click on advert links to websites and enquiry forms
  • Marketing applications allow you to track client responses to adverts in your stationery

Record Manager

  • Electronic records management is the way businesses deal with overload of manual documents


Users include medium, large and corporate businesses, such as banks, financial institutions, retail, insurance, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, government institutions and many others. Please give us a call and we can give you details.

Documentation management is crucial to companies securing a competitive edge. ECM records management planning is an on-going requirement for businesses that want to excel. The future is here with Document Masters’ recommended electronic records management system.
Modernise and Improve Productivity in Administration

What do we replace:

Posting of accounts
Posting of leaflets and advertising material
Traditional document storage warehouses
Archive rooms
Lever-arch filing
Boxes of documents


By converting hardcopy documents to electronic format, you can save money, save time, improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction and streamline your admin processing.

A Document Distribution system like ours is accurate, efficient and secure. Radically transform your data delivery processes  and deliver via  Email, Fax, MMS, SMS, FTP via the internet and be sure documents get to their destination, securely, un-tampered, instantly with full legal compliance.

Why the Document Master
recommended system ?

Secure and compliant electronic delivery

To local  government regulation and legislative requirements.

Receive from any data stream

Raw data or scanned hardcopy documents can be uploaded from any system. No need for specialised integration.

Immediate Return on Investment

Save money by sending documents electronically instead of printing and posting. Save money by archiving documents electronically instead of storing hardcopy documents in a warehouse.

Immediate Access

Once uploaded, authorised users can access documents from any place in the world.

High adoption rates

Easy to use and  ability to harness the power of  PDF encryption, promotes high user adoption rates.

No third party decryption software

No need to download and install third party decryption software eliminating support calls and vendor reliance.

No systems integration needed

Document Master system obtains data from existing data streams and converts these to an electronic format without having to access your enterprise business systems. Simple and secure.

True Dot for Dot electronic renditions of documents

Documents sent are an extra replica of originals and print perfectly every time.

Secure storage database

Ensures only users with granted user access rights have the ability to view stored documents.

Robust, high performance application

Processes up to 1,2 million documents an hour.

Fully customisable reports

you tell us what you want and we will create the report

Audit Trail

Every action performed on every document is recorded. Now you can see what is happening to your documents.

Process Speeds

Sending is at a rate of up to 1,2 million transactions per hour, to specific client determined destinations.

Document Master specialises in document archiving, document retrieval, document distribution, document scanning and email distribution services.