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Modules - Electronic Document Linking


Document Master recommended electronic document management systems enable relevant documents to be linked automatically.  No need to manually label and index and sort documents. Scan your documents in bulk and our system sorts, files and links the documents to their right ‘partners’.

Send us your documents in raw data format, and we will link these to your hardcopy scanned documents. Look for one document in a set on our system and find the full set in an instant.

What is meant by linking of documents?

Linking of documents is when a set of documents that belong together are ‘linked’ so that if you reach the one document in the set, it is possible to easily locate the others that are part of the set.

Why is the linking of documents crucial to a business and its clients ?

Time is the constraint we all face every day. Time is money. The quicker you can locate and retrieve documents, the faster queries and problems are resolved, the higher the productivity in the organisation;  the happier clients are because they get want they want when they want it;  the more satisfaction staff have, as they feel good when they can resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Your business succeeds with happy customers and staff, and high productivity…in every section of the business.

What documents can be linked

Any document that has a particular reference term, name or number.

Does it cost more to link documents

In some instances it can cost more than a non-linked document but the cost is negligible compared to the benefits.


Do I have to link documents

No, it is not a pre-requisite. We work within your business rules. Documents can be archived and retrieved as individual documents but can always be found by a unique search criteria you can determine.

What type of documents are linked

Typical documents are Month End Statements, linked to the respective Invoices, Credit Notes and PoD’s (Delivery Notes).

Tracking and Marketing

Documents that are sent out to clients by email e.g. Statements, can have adverts embedded in the ‘white space’. These adverts can have hyperlinks, which when ‘clicked’ take the person clicking ( customer ) to a specific destination, like website or an enquiry form.
We can track these ‘clicks’ and feedback the information to you.

So for instance, if marketing is looking for feedback on the level of interest in a new product you are launching we can compile a report on who clicked what and when. Benefit to you, is that before launching you can tell if your customers are interested in what you wish to develop or market.

Sales may wish to offer a special on an overstocked item. They can include an advert in the Statement detailing the special. The benefit ... sell dead stock.
You can also ‘sell’ this space to your clients to put their adverts on. The benefit to you is that you can recover all your costs of document management from these adverts.