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  • No contracts
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  • No new servers
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Modules - Electronic Document Marketing


e-Marketing - Transpromo

Document Masters’ HammerEDD Marketing program, allows you to execute and deliver highly effective and tailored marketing campaigns, by adding linked adverts to your stationery e.g. when clients ‘click’ on an advert embedded in a Month End Statement or header to the Statement, a report can be generated by HammerEDD that highlights who is interested and how many people are interested in the product advertised.

Target Specific Individuals

The level of sophistication and target marketing goes as far as being able to send a different product advert (on the stationery) to each individual or category of client e.g. a golfer gets an advert for golf carts and a surfer gets adverts about new surf board designs;  the runner gets adverts about Nike running shoes and the cyclist gets adverts about new riders helmets.


  • Standardise corporate identity through templates
  • Tailor your campaigns to suit individual profiles
  • Take advantage of a ‘captive audience’ by adding marketing information to secure documents
  • Significant cost savings compared to paper-based marketing
  • Effectively monitor marketing campaigns and report on customer behaviour
  • Immediate controlled access
  • Sell dead stock, offer monthly specials
  • Pre-test new products
  • Conduct market research
  • Reinforce product benefits
  • Cross sell
  • Sell more to your existing customers
  • COMMUNICATE with your clients

What is Transpromo – Electronic Marketing

Transpromo is a descriptive title formed from the words "transaction" and "promotional". It is the fusion of transactional document delivery ( electronic ) and proactive marketing.

Essentially, adverts or personalised messages are added to electronic documents, such as  statements, invoices, payslips or to email headers, which are sent to your clients, that have opted to have documents sent to them electronically.

Transpromotional documents combine CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Data Mining Technology with Variable Data Printing and Location Intelligence, which means that email and statement or invoice content can be customised to include relevant, targeted and personalised marketing offers, based on your understanding of your client’s needs. 

For example : A golfer, will receive adverts on his month-end statements about golf holiday destinations, a female company executive will receive adverts about beauty spa offers in her area, a person with multi-focal glasses, can receive information about new developments in multifocal lenses and this month’s special deal. General adverts can however, also be sent.

The net result is that well designed and individualised Transpromo marketing and promotional offers, secure a higher response rate than traditional emails and the return on investment using this method of marketing, far surpasses the traditional email marketing, postal methods or paper based media methods.

Why Transpromo  - The 4 main reasons :

Increased Sales

Electronic Statement-Based Transpromo marketing is effective because it targets your customers’ specific interests and needs. A five percent increase in current customer business, can translate into as much as a 50 percent increase in bottom-line profits. Banks, cell phone, credit card companies and others have proved it works. Now you can also benefit from this technology.


eBills like, statements and invoices, receive on average between 1 and 3 minutes attention which is far more than television, magazine or newspaper adverts. This results in a higher response rate via click throughs and then a higher sales conversion rate, which is what you ultimately want. Adverts should increase sales. Transpromo does this.

You can accurately track promotion activity, which enables you to make intelligent and measurable decisions on client behaviour patterns to customise and improve further marketing efforts. No more guessing.
Cost Efficient

Transactional email marketing eliminates the need for costly traditional paper inserts, stationery, envelopes, labour to fill envelopes and stamps. Traditional envelopes and loose leaflets can cost upwards of R 4.00 per send. Transpromo email, costs a fraction of this.


What do you need to make Transpromo work for you

Document Masters’ HammerEDD document distribution, document archiving and marketing solution gives you all you need to beat the competition.
Remember, we offer a hosted solution which means  :

  • No software costs
  • No new hardware needed
  • No licence fees
  • No complicated training
  • No contracts
  • 7 years archiving   ( bank level secure servers with full Disaster Recovery program)
  • Document linking   ( payslip to time sheet or invoice to POD )
  • Automatic Indexing   ( so you can find any document, in an instant)

More Reasons Why Transpromo Works


Statements and invoices are accepted because they contain important financial information and usually require action and as a result more than 95% of Transpromo documents are opened and read. This is far higher than any other direct response method.

Customised Offers

Electronic statement-based marketing is effective because it enables personalised (by demographics, personal attributes, business or marketing criteria) offers to be automatically generated, by the transactional data within the document itself. This means that you can create a different but specific advert or message for each individual client.

Permission Based

Clients have given permission to receive information and so there is little or no danger of your information be blocked as spam.

Visual Appeal

Messages and / or adverts are imprinted directly on the bills, statements or as an email header, in full-color, spot-color or black and white,  in the ‘white space’ of your statements or invoices.


Customers that already know and trust you, are more receptive to receiving creative, personalised and appealingly designed, Transpromo adverts. It is easier and costs less to sell to existing clients, than it is to try and secure new clients. Treat your clients well and they will support and refer you.


Clients that have elected to accept documents by email, have made the transition to the electronic world and so are more receptive to Transpromo. Transpromo can eliminate the wasted expense of paper leaflets, which will most likely, be thrown away.


Life is busy. Your clients are busy. So simple, targeted, individualised, electronic adverts that get right to the point, are what your clients will love you for.

Everyone that is internet connected, is now accessible.
Instant  Reaction

No longer do you have to wait for the postal services to get document to your clients. Send now and your client receives their Transpromo now !  Instant and measurable reaction.

Variable Advert Testing

Try one advert on a sample group in real-time, if no response, it is quick and easy to change your message and re-evaluate.

Embrace Technology

For clients that require traditional paper based copies, our systems can accommodate both electronic and paper based transactions. Integrated approval and version control helps you manage which client gets hardcopy and which receives electronic content.

Sell White Space

If you do not wish to make use of the white space on your statements, you can sell this space to advertisers to create additional revenue for yourself.

Save Resources

Transpromo reduces paper, ink and electricity use (no printing required)  and so contributes to you reducing your carbon footprint. Even moving a portion of your statements and invoices and payslips, to electronic medium will save money immediately.

Link to your CRM

Link to our dynamic template driven campaigns that tie in with your existing CRM applications and platforms.

Customised Newsletters
You can send customised e-newsletters and mailshots, and add full-colour marketing presentations to invoices, statements, bills, payslips, delivery notes and other secure documents.
Multiple Delivery Platforms

While email is the communications medium of choice at present, the benefits of eMarketing can be applied to SMS, fax to mobile, PC, laptop, tablet or any other electronic medium.



Transpromo combines transactional print (electronic documents) , bold design, colour and variable personalised marketing data, to deliver a mix of functional information and added value to business communications and at the same time archive all sensitive client and company documents in compliance with The Companies Act, SARS, The ECT Act and auditing requirements.