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  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

Free Services :

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Modules - Electronic Document Retrieval


Questions :

How long does it take you or your staff to find a hard copy document in the archive room ?
How long does it take to retrieve the document  from the document storage company ?
What is the cost of this ‘retrieval’ service and then time lost, looking for the documents ?
Do your clients get angry when you cannot answer their queries promptly ?
Are documents getting misfiled ?
Does your staff spend unnecessary time trying to track down the person that walked off with the delivery note ?
Are lost documents causing month end delays in invoicing ?
What happens when the original document gets lost, wet, or eaten by rats ?
Do different people need to work with the same document at the same time ?


If you experience any of the problems indicated above then it is time for you to look at an electronic document retrieval system, like ours.

Speed of Retrieval

Retrieving documents from an electronic online repository is far faster, more accurate, cheaper, and more effective than trying to locate documents manually !


Document Master recommended document retrieval systems, allow you to :

  • Search by a specific search criteria to find a specific document or linked documents in an instant. Search using Date, Name, Client Number, Delivery Address, region or whatever criteria you set as the search parameter/s
  • Retrieve any of your documents on our system, from any location in the world (that has an internet connection)
  • Send the retrieved document/s to any destination (printer, file, PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Laptop, and other) by email, fax, SMS, FTP

Customer Access

You can also allow your customers to see their own documents. No need for them to call you and ask to send or resend the ‘lost’ delivery notes. They can see them live on our system (if they have been granted permission to see this, by you).


Permissions Structure

A flexible but powerful permissions structure provides a highly secure environment for all documents. Access is only granted to authorised users as determined by your business rules.

Authorised users can be :

Your own staff

A hierarchical access structure can be set up. So, for instance, the paymaster can see all salary slips except the MD’s salary slip and staff can only see their own wage slips; or despatch can see the Delivery Notes but cannot see the Invoices with prices on.

Your clients

You can give your client access to their own documents. No need for clients to phone and ask for PoD’s anymore. They can log onto our system to retrieve their own documents. They cannot see any other client’s documents, except their own.
This saves you and them time. They have no excuse for not paying now. Their documents are online for them to see.

Linked Documents

Documents may have any number of attachments, and can be linked to other documents for easy cross-referencing. E.g. A statement can be linked to the relevant Invoices, PoD’s and Credit Notes.

Audit Trail

Any action to any document retrieved on the system is recorded so that any user can see what action was performed and by whom. A full audit trail enables management and staff to ensure compliance, to check for security breaches, to give client feedback and to manage the document process.

Information retrieval systems must be able to give you, lower costs, increased productivity, compliance with legislation and business rules and overall peace of mind. Talk to us, we will show you how many companies have achieved this.