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Frequently Asked Questions


Users of HammerEDD
by Document Master

What is HammerEDD?

HammerEDD has been specifically designed to replace traditional mailing, document archiving, document marketing and document retrieval methods, allowing you to send Statements, Invoices, GRV’s, Credit Notes, PoD’s, Delivery Notes, Payslips  and other sensitive documents to your clients by secure email, SMS, Fax or SMS  instead of posting.

Hardcopy documents are scanned and automatically indexed and can be linked to other relevant documents ie Payslip to Time sheet, Invoice to PoD.
What documents can be sent?
Any document that needs to be sent or saved in a secure format eg  Secure Bills, Invoices, Statements, Delivery Notes, Payslips and any Marketing material.
I want to send a newsletter and personalise the email  -  is this possible?
Yes, we can personalise newsletters and other documents to be directed to a particular person which means you can target specific clients with specific messages.
Do my documents really get delivered faster?
An email depending on the volumes and size can be delivered in minutes, instead of days or weeks, if you are relying on the postal service.
Is it really more cost effective to use your system?
Just think  -   no printing, no envelopes, no postage costs, no paper, no special equipment, no user licence fees, no software to buy, or persons to fill the envelopes!  Postage costs are upwards of R 3.50.  Our electronic document management systems  costs a lot less. Why: Because the system is locally developed and the software and development has all been paid for over the last 12 years.
Why is it sent as a PDF
Your attachment is sent as a PDF because this is a universal tamper proof file format that has become standard for electronic document distribution worldwide. Your PDF can be viewed and printed by anyone using the free Adobe Reader available free online.
Will the attachments get through the recipient’s Firewall?
Yes, because PDF is a recognised secure file type that has become the de-facto standard for distributing documents electronically.
Is it compliant?
Yes, the software, fully complies with the regulations laid down by the ECT Act, the South African Revenue Services (SARS), the Companies Act for the electronic delivery of documents and archiving of documents
Will my Auditors accept this electronic records archiving system?

Ernst and Young have assessed the system and have found it to be compliant with SARS.

I need to resend a document, how do I go about it?
There is a user friendly online ‘Call Centre’ (data centre) which you are able to access via the web which enables you to resend to your customers, as many documents as you need to, as many times as you wish, at no additional cost.  You can email, fax, send to file and print (Faxes, SMS and MMS are billed at standard rates).
How long is my information available on the call centre (data centre) for?
Documents are stored for 7 years for the  Once-Off fee paid. This is what the law requires. If you need them stored longer, this can be done.
Our company wants to send out confidential information how do I know it will be secure?

We comply with the ECT Act, SARS, the Companies Act,. Our documents are all tamperproof and have 128 bit encryption. Optional password protection and your in-house security requirements, can be added to further secure the documents and access thereto.


Recipients of Documents

I have received a document from HammerEDD, what is it?

Your service provider has joined the Document Master - HammerEDD Generation and has sent you your documents online or via secure email or fax system to enable them to reduce costs and to improve productivity.

Why is it sent as a PDF?

The attachment you have received has been sent to you as a PDF, because this is a universal file format that has become standard for electronic document distribution worldwide. Your PDF document can be viewed and printed by anyone using the free Adobe Reader available online.

Is it SARS compliant?

Our archive and document distribution system fully complies with the regulations laid down by the ECT Act,  SARS (the South African Revenue Services) and the Companies Act for the electronic delivery of documents.  See SARS regulation on the Compliance page of this website or document.

How many times can I print or send my document?

Your documents can be retrieved, printed, viewed, searched, sent an unlimited number of  times after it has been uploaded to the our hosted solution (cloud solution).

I accidentally deleted my password and email details, can it be resent?

Yes, contact your service provider they will have access to the  Call Centre (Data Centre) and they can reset to be able to resend your document, with written authorisation

Can I go onto the information retrieval system and look for my own documents?

Yes, if the sender has enabled this on their profile. They will send you a user name and password.

What do I do if I have trouble opening my document?

If you experience a problem opening your document it may be due to you not having Adobe Reader version 5 or higher on your computer. If you do not have the latest viewer you can download it for free by clicking here -

What can Document Master do for me?

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