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Company: Document Master   
Reg. New Heights 510 cc   Reg. Nr: 2008 / 176089 / 23
Tel: +27 (0)31 765 3691
Fax: +27 86 616 1540
Post: PO Box 1583
Wandsbeck 3631
South Africa
  Hours: 8 am to 5 pm Mon. to Fri.
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  • 100 % Secure Online Archiving
  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

Free Services :

  • No software costs
  • No licence fees
  • No contracts
  • No integration
  • No new servers
  • No maintenance costs
  • Multiple users
  • Continuous backup

How it Works

  • Upload Raw Data –  You upload your data (raw data, print stream or scanned documents) to our servers e.g. Statements, Invoices, Payslips, PoD’s, GRV’s Credit Notes, Waybills or other. Data is automatically archived and automatically indexed for easy retrieval.
  • Compilation - Our system then compiles the data into 128 bit encrypted PDF, tamper-proof documents, according to your specifications i.e. logo, layout, adverts, financial information and so on. Embed adverts in your documents with tracking to see who is clicking on what adverts so you can follow up.
  • Advise - We advise you when the process in complete and documents are ready to be distributed
  • Release - You authorise the batch release, online.
  • Send - We send the encrypted tamper-proof PDF documents to your clients or staff, by the media channel determined by your client i.e.  email, fax, SMS, FTP, website or even post , if required.


Our once-off fee includes :
  • Secure access via password-protected documents
  • Secure archiving for 7 years or longer
  • Effortless management of historic documents
  • Customised, full colour payslip
  • Individualised and personalised communication with staff on their payslips
  • Immediate delivery which means real-time access to payslips. No delays
  • Significant cost savings compared to traditional postal delivery
  • Administrator and user access to historic documents - retrieve  documents in an instant
  • Guaranteed confidentiality with password-protected documents
  • Costs : Once off fee to load document to the system and  then -
    • No User license fees
    • No software costs
    • No annual license fees
    • No costs to search for documents           
    • No costs to access and view documents
    • No costs to resend documents (aside from third party costs to fax e.g. Telkom)
    • No special hardware required
    • Immediate controlled access

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