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  • 100 % Secure Online Archiving
  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

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Overview - Main Features

Seamless Implementation

HammerEDD integrates with any type of data. No need for us to work in your accounting software or resource planning systems. Just send us the raw data and we can work with it. We integrate with any old Legacy systems and all modern software like SAP, Oracle etc. Saves you time and money. 3 weeks to implement.

Retrieval Systems

A document management system is only as good as its ability to retrieve documents in an instant. The reason why most modern companies are digitising documents, is so that they can be retrieved using specific search criteria when they are needed. No delays in getting to your documents.

Media Channels

We can output to any type of electronic media e.g. via email, fax, SMS to PC, Tablet, Mobile phone and so on. Never be without your documents.


HammerEDD is a secure and legal electronic document delivery and indexed archiving solution, which is fully compliant with SARS, VAT, Companies Act, SABS and the ECT Act. , and accepted by auditing companies. We ensure you comply.


All data uploaded, is duplicated on off-site servers and copies of data are kept in vaults. We can also send copies of all data to each client. Banks, insurance companies, logistics, home loan companies are all satisfied with our security levels. If you need additional security overlays, we can incorporate. Never lose as document ever again.

Document Type

HammerEDD creates legal, tamper-proof electronic documents in a 128 bit encrypted PDF format, with the option for password protection. Use the world standard Adobe reader to view documents.

Alternative Formats

HammerEDD is also able to produce workable copies of these secure documents in alternative formats, which can then be imported into other Office applications. You tell us what you need and we can do it.



Attachments and email headers can also include secure or non-secure documents such as newsletters, marketing campaigns, and promotions, with full tracking capabilities.

Marketing Reports

Reports generated will tell you who ‘clicked’ on which advert, thus providing you with the ability to promote and market additional service offerings, to your existing customer base.

Exception Reports

Self generated exception reports showing Deliveries not yet expedited as well as your own customised reports


Our clients include financial institutions, banks, security companies, IT companies, retailers, insurance firms, marketing companies, logistics firms, manufacturers, and government agencies. Both large and small. We cater for your needs

Archiving Solutions

Get rid of hard copies documents once you have uploaded them. Our archiving systems enable you to scan and destroy. Eliminate warehouse storage costs

Archive System

Part of any record management system is the archiving system. It is crucial to have an electronic archive that is safe, secure, backed up, with full Disaster Recovery in place. We have this so you will never lose a document again.

Record management system

Is a term used to describe enterprise content management systems that take control of document processes in a business. The trend is to host these systems on very powerful cloud servers.

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