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  • 100 % Secure Online Archiving
  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

Free Services :

  • No software costs
  • No licence fees
  • No contracts
  • No integration
  • No new servers
  • No maintenance costs
  • Multiple users
  • Continuous backup

How it Works - Old Way versus New Way



SAVE SEARCH SEE SEND Documents Electronically


The Old Way to deal with critical company documents was to manually index and then store them in an archive room or off-site storage facility.

The New Way is to save these documents electronically to a secure, off site, trusted computer server,  in a searchable encrypted PDF format, which enables authorised persons to instantly retrieve, view, send and re-send specific documents via a secure internet connection, to selected destinations one at a time or at a rate of 20 000 documents per minute.
How is this done : :
  • Upload raw data electronically to HammerEDD  FTP data stream.
  • Scan in the critical documents (at your offices or ours) to Hammer EDD with automatic indexing
  • Deliver the physical documents for us to scan into HammerEDD
  • Email the information to HammerEDD for safe onward transmission and storage
  • Deliver raw data to us by CD to be uploaded to HammerEDD

Once your documents are in HammerEDD, they can be linked to one another i.e. invoice, to delivery note, to statement and are archived forever, in a trusted, automatically indexed, searchable encrypted, PDF format and can be found within an instant, by authorised users.


The Old Way to search for documents was to send a person to the admin office filing room or the archive facility (either on site or off site), to retrieve the relevant documents. Once viewed, these had to be manually returned, archived and stored. This was very inefficient, costly and fraught with errors.
The New Way is to use the HammerEDD electronic information retrieval system which allows security authorised persons, to access the database and using specific search criteria (such as name, document number, date, product code, barcode or any other criteria you set), to locate any document in an instant.

SEE  (View)

The Old Way to view a document was to physically fetch the old document from a box or a file..

The New Way is to download the document onto your PC (in an instant) from the HammerEDD cloud database, over a secure link (the same as when you do you online banking) and then you (or your clients ) that are authorised to access HammerEDD to view the actual, tamper proof  document and all related documents, on your PC screen from any location.




You (or your client) can then decide what you want to do with the document. You can :

  • Email up to 20 000 documents a minute or a single document to specific destinations
  • Fax it to yourself, your client or any other person
  • MMS this to a selected destination
  • SMS to a specific destination
  • Print it to your local printer
  • Print to a file
  • Save to your desktop

Audit Trail : All this activity is tracked by HammerEDD and so you can see who sent what and to who and when.

What you cannot do, is destroy, delete, tamper or alter the original document. This means you are assured that your documents are safe and secure.


The Old Way versus The New Way

Instead of posting (via the postal services) Invoices, Statements, Delivery Notes, Pay Slips, Contracts and / or Agreements to clients, you should be emailing them. 

Why :

Posting costs start at R 3.50 for an envelope, stamp, stationary, printing and equipment costs.

Emailing with automatic indexing, retrieval and storage (for 7 years)  costs less than posting and gives instant access to your documents.

You may Search, View, Retrieve and Send, by email (or fax, SMS, MMS) these documents as many times as you like, after they are uploaded to our servers,  AT NO EXTRA COST. (Faxing, SMS, MMS attracts normal Telkom costs.)

You can now destroy the old hard copies because the Document Master system has a full built in DR (Disaster Recovery) and redundancy system and SARS accepts this version of documents as proof of original.