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  • 100 % Secure Online Archiving
  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

Free Services :

  • No software costs
  • No licence fees
  • No contracts
  • No integration
  • No new servers
  • No maintenance costs
  • Multiple users
  • Continuous backup

Modules - Paper Document Scanning


Why archive electronically

Place documents where they can easily be found, by authorised users
Never ever lose a document again – secure, safe and sorted
Instant access using automatically indexed fields
Send and Re-send documents at no extra cost
Sort out client queries in an instant
Sort out internal queries quickly and efficiently
Reduce storage costs – a warehouse is more expensive than a computer hard disk
Generate exception reports e.g. deliveries not yet expedited

Applicable in what situation

HammerEDD is applicable in any environment where companies need to take control of their document processes, for example where large volumes of documents need to be :

  • distributed electronically and cost effectively
  • archived securely and with instant access
  • retrieved quickly

Simplify your life:
Scan & Automatically Index

Convert hard copy documents to 128 bit encrypted Electronic PDF and find them instantly !

Using the Document Master system, there is no need to buy new software, nor hardware; no user licence fees, have as many users as you like, archive for 7 years, scan from any location in the world and have instant access and re-sending capabilities all for a once-off cost !!


Did you know you can now scan hardcopy documents to a secure central online repository and Automatically Index and Link them to other related documents, all from your desktop scanner or multifunction scanner, when using the Document Master solution and for just a once-off upload cost. No on-going charges.


Indexing documents means that when you search for a document, on a given criteria e.g. date, name, customer ref number, document number, delivery address etc, you can find it instantly. No need to manually ‘label’ each scanned document anymore. Our system does this for you, cutting down on costs of administration, speeding up processes with 100 % accuracy.


There are many scanning systems on the market but not many that will Automatically Index your scanned documents. Ours does ! This improves efficiency, accuracy, productivity and reduces costs in your business.


Documents scanned to our system allow instant retrieval, instant viewing, sending, resending by email, fax, MMS, SMS. The result, queries are sorted out in seconds, not minutes or hours.


Retrieve documents immediately they have been uploaded. Solve customer and administration queries in real-time. No need to spend hours searching in files or in boxes, or calling your document storage company. Get your confidential and documents online in an instant.


All documents uploaded to the Document Master system, can be automatically archived for up to 7 years or longer all for one upload charge. Digital data warehousing equals NO on-going fees!!


All scanned documents can be linked to counterpart documents. For instance, link your scanned PoD’s to the respective Invoice and Statement and then retrieve, view  and / or  send these instantly to your client, your printer, your own PC or server by fax, email SMS . You chose.


All documents uploaded to our system are 128 bit encrypted, PDF format, on banking quality servers in a completely secure environment and full on-going back up on independent servers. We can also give you copies of all your documents on disk. You control your security.

Back Up

Banks, IT companies, Insurance, Finance companies use our systems and are more than happy with the level of security and backup offered. Security is an integral part of what we offer. No compromise. Full DR sites and vaulted copies of all data are kept. We can also give you copies of all your information once loaded to our system, and overlay your security requirements on top of ours, if needed.


No need for complicated software integration. Get up and running in 3 weeks. Simple. Just upload your data or scanned documents to HammerEDD. We work with any type of data from old Legacy systems to modern SAP Oracle, Pastel and so on and we do not need to touch your system at all !! No need for new programming or software development. We have done this already since 1987 !


Scan as many documents as necessary per day to us or to your network and then immediately upload or schedule for upload at a future time.

Remote Locations

Scan from remote locations to a central secure online database. Any site that has an internet connection means you are connected to all your documents all the time.



No volume restrictions. Quick and easy to install and operate.
Types of scanners

Use existing scanners, like small desktop to large multifunction scanners of any make,  to scan, and then our system automatically indexes every document, so that it can be easily retrieved online, in an instant…at no cost.

Users include

Call centres, end users (customers), admin staff, finance departments, human resource (HR) Departments, accounting departments, auditors, marketing, fax to email companies, insurance  and any other entity that requires instant sending and access to actual documents used in the business process.

Current users

Industry – Banks, Home Loan companies, Logistics, Manufacturing, Municipalities, Utilities companies, Mining, Retail, Warehousing, Schools, Property Estates, Distributors and many more.

Secure your future:
Automatically Save & Index your documents

All documents uploaded (raw data or scanned documents) are automatically saved on offsite servers, archived (for at least 7 years) and instantly available to authorised users, in your company or by your clients.
Once saved, documents can be sent to clients in batches or as a bulk email send. These documents will not be blocked by general spam systems if your clients have given us permission to send to them.

Electronic document archiving on our document archive is safe, secure and available in an instant.

Imaging and Scanning
Features and Benefits


It goes without discussion that by automating your document management processes you will improve your profits.

Improved accuracy

Reduce and eliminate errors and improve the quality of your data searches through rule-based extraction, classification and verification. Save, Search, See and Send instantly.

Auto-Index and Classification

We use the most sophisticated tools available to capture, classify, index and extract information from raw data and paper documents.

Data Upload

Document Master systems pull from sources such as basic desktop scanners to very high-end scanning devices, Multi-Function Peripherals (MFPs), file system folders and email servers. We accurately capture and digitise documents, forms, and faxes.

Intelligent Recognition

A modern system like ours applies document recognition functionality first to classify the document type (to determine what document it is), then extracts data from the digital image using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR).


In some document types,  manual verification is needed. We have the capacity to verify, index and file digitised documents where you can easily find them. For example, hand written documents need to be manually verified.

Improve compliance

Our business is about compliance and security, access and retrieval. You never have to worry about being compliant. Compliance includes, SARS, The Company Act, SABS, auditing and the ECT Act. We do this for you.

Take advantage of advanced technology

Our focus is on using the most advanced software systems in the market to extract information using a range of data extraction methods: barcode, optical mark recognition, forms reading, free forms recognition, database-driven recognition, patch code and Adaptive Reading Technology. The costs of this technology for one company can be excessively expansive…but with us modern software costs are shared amongst thousands of users, making it cheap for you.


Use your existing multifunctional printers, high-end scanning devices, file system folders, email servers, forms and faxes.


Document Master enables the user to Save, Search for, Retrieve, View, Send and re-send secure encrypted copies of the original documents via a web based interface.

With Document Master systems

Automation starts at the point of entry for most incoming documents



Typical Scanning and Imaging Services



Scan +  Index Scan documents into encrypted PDF format, with (1) index field to search.

Additional Index Fields

If additional search criteria are required, such as customer reference number, delivery address, product code etc.

Archive for 7 yrs or longer

Documents are stored for 7 years for a once-off fee. This is in accordance with legislation pertaining to document retention. The Archive provides secure off-site storage for the data. This will include an additional back-up in our vault.


Bulk distribution of documents via email, with or without additional attachments.

Branding & Tracking

Branding: Use the email body to promote your company brand. Include a promotion or advert of your choice in an emailed document. This can be personalised, based on pre-defined business rules. Tracking: Track all clicks on hyperlinks and get reports on your campaign success. 

Internal Company Access

Access all your electronic documents from a single secure web access portal. Authorised users can log into the database and retrieve documents, online. These documents can immediately be printed, emailed, faxed or saved for further use.

End User Access

Allow your customers to access all your electronic documents from a single web access portal. Authorised users can log into the data centre and retrieve documents online. These documents can then be printed, emailed or saved for further use.

Scanning and Warehousing

We can facilitate the entire process, which will include the physical scanning and document management. Scanned documents can either be returned to you for storage, or we can warehouse same for you. Companies looking for additional cost savings can also employ a policy of scan and destroy.

Linking Documents

Link documents like, invoice to a statement, or a delivery note to an invoice. This can be permutated throughout your directory of documents as long as we have a common field between any two documents.


Document Master recommended systems like HammerEDD, achieve the following goals :

  • Simplifies and automates manual processes
  • Improves accuracy of data archiving
  • Decreases costs of managing company documents
  • Increases productivity through automation of processes
  • Quick response time to customer and internal admin queries
  • Improved Customer and Staff satisfaction

Contact us for simple solutions to complex document management problems, in your business. Click here to contact us.