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How it Works - Payroll - Payslips and Time Cards



Document Master Payslips enable the secure electronic delivery of payslips ( and of course any other enterprise document such as invoices, delivery notes, statements and so on) to specific destinations, or access to all the payslips via a secure weblink.

Instead of payslips being printed and physically delivered to employees, payroll data is converted into an electronic PDF format payslip or Salary Slip, which is an exact dot-for-dot rendition of the original document.  No need to print a second hard-copy to go for filing. Once archived in Document Master, the document is secure and compliant.

This document distribution solution offers password protected electronic delivery of documents and secure access that replaces paper-based payslip / salary slip delivery.

Signed copies of payslips, timesheets and salary slips can be scanned into Document Master for safekeeping.


How is this possible

Instead of sending the documents to your printer, FTP the data to a secure FTP server and then we distribute, archive and give user protected access.