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Company: Document Master   
Reg. New Heights 510 cc   Reg. Nr: 2008 / 176089 / 23
Tel: +27 (0)31 765 3691
Fax: +27 86 616 1540
Post: PO Box 1583
Wandsbeck 3631
South Africa
  Hours: 8 am to 5 pm Mon. to Fri.
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  • 100 % Secure Online Archiving
  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

Free Services :

  • No software costs
  • No licence fees
  • No contracts
  • No integration
  • No new servers
  • No maintenance costs
  • Multiple users
  • Continuous backup


Cost Questions

Please consider these questions :

  • Is it cheaper to send a document by email or to post it ?
  • Is it cheaper to store documents in a custom built warehouse or electronically ?
  • Is it quicker to scratch around in files and boxes for documents or retrieve it electronically
  • Is it cheaper to manually index / label a scanned document or have our software automatically index for you ?
  • Is it cheaper to print a leaflet and post it or create an electronic advert and email it ?

The answers are  quite clear, I am sure.

Fee Structure

We believe in simplicity, our fees are  broken into two categories :
Set Up Costs: Billed on a time spent setting up the system. No backward integration into your IT systems is needed and so these costs are not significant. Once we determine your exact needs and volumes, we can quote.

User Fee: A once-off fee is charged to the user, per transaction or document, uploaded to the system.

How much simpler can this get ?

  • No on-going charges
  • No user licences fees
  • No software to purchase
  • No servers nor PC’s to purchase
  • No additional memory to buy
  • No extra band width needed
  • No postage and printing costs
  • Free access - 24/7
  • Free resending of documents by email
  • Free telephonic and email support
  • Unlimited users - you can have thousands of users at no extra cost
  • Multimedia delivery eMail, Fax, SMS, MMS, Web-viewing,
  • Marketing at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods

Note: Faxes, SMS and MMS attract normal line costs.


Contractual benefits

  • No Contracts to sign – we will not tie you to any contract. Stop if you do not wish to carry one using the system
  • Service Level Agreements - we will sign a SLA to give you peace of mind

We do not lock you into contracts….you are in control !


Archiving benefits

  • Archiving for 7 years or longer included in the once off upload fee – pay only once

Hosting benefits

  • Hosted solution so we update all software – you never have to update again
  • Web based SaaS (Software as a Solution)  - no need for the purchase of any software
  • Cloud Computing – no need to buy new servers, memory or PC’s
  • No contracts to sign - stop using at any time. No questions asked

Integration benefits

  • System compatibility - no backward integration required. All we need is your raw data from any accounting or resource management system e.g. SAP, Oracle, VIP Payroll, Pastel, AccPack, or any Legacy system, and you will be running in 3 weeks.

No need for any expensive programming needed on your side of the implementation

Security Benefits

  • Password protected access – internal authorized staff can retrieve documents online
  • Customer access – give access to your customers to their own documents
  • Secure system (Disaster Recovery in place), vault copies and backup sent to clients
  • 128 encrypted documents – makes documents tamper proof gives high level of security

System benefits

  • Robust, high quality, stable servers – major South African banks use our servers
  • Simultaneous access – different users can view the same document at the same time

You receive the benefit of the most up-to-date technology at all times.

Marketing benefits

  • Place adverts on your stationary – click on adverts links to websites and enquiry forms
  • Marketing applications allow you to track client responses to adverts in your stationary
  • Reduce costs and charge for your advertising space. Google does…so can you now !

We look forward to working with you to identify your problem areas and then drawing up a formal quote to show you the savings, we can make for you.