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  • 100 % Secure Online Archiving
  • Low Cost Electronic Document Distribution
  • Track and Trace eMarketing

Free Services :

  • No software costs
  • No licence fees
  • No contracts
  • No integration
  • No new servers
  • No maintenance costs
  • Multiple users
  • Continuous backup

What can Document Master do for me?

Do you remember the days before faxes, email, PC’s and mobile phones. The days of typewriters, telexes and hand written documents. Things worked but how much more can we do now, with modern technology !

Paper based documentation systems work BUT people can work much more effectively now with electronic records systems and it is now possible and much cheaper than ever before, with Document Master.

Records Management


Your enterprise content management, with an effective, simple to use, automated, records management system that is used by banks, credit card companies, mobile phone, security, home loan, logistics, mines, computer, retail, utilities, call centres, distribution companies and many others. Tried and tested.  Works all the time.


What happens when the PoD book gets lost ? What happens when the document storage facility burns down ? What happens when the rats eat the invoices or the rain wets the box full of statements; or a malicious staff member removes strategic information ? Gone forever, but not with our Electronic Document Record Management systems.

On our electronic system, data is copied to three separate data storage systems, so if one should ever be destroyed….there are two back-ups. A Disaster Recovery system is a key element of our solution.  This is what we do. Never lose your records again !


Your data is only visible to staff or customers on a user authorised basis. We can set up hierarchical security levels, so certain categories of staff can only see certain types of documents. Each client that you elect, can only see their own documents.  Secure, secure, secure !


The future is here. Why send documents to big storage warehouses when you can convert hard copies to electronic, 128 bit encrypted, PDF format and have instant access, at a fraction of the cost of storing and retrieving hard copies from a warehouse. Instant retrieval, saves time and money  using our electronic records management software.


Why post when you can send by electronic means and save.

What is not always easy for clients to measure is the cost of lost documents, cost of retrieving documents, cost of documents that are destroyed, additional audit costs due to misfiled documents, postage, printing and paper costs. Time wasted on dealing with admin issues, client dissatisfaction and many other intangibles. Only once the electronic system is up and running do users realise how bad the old system was.

It is comparable today to not having a cell phone or a PC with email ……you can work without them…but how much more accessible and productive are you with these tools.

Decrease administration costs

Essentially an electronic document management program like ours decreases administration costs by increasing productivity, because you can automate the data indexing, access documents in an instant, distribute and archive electronically at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, and embed adverts in documents that your clients want to receive !

Remember :

  • Costs : Once off set up fee and then only once-off fee to upload documents to the system and  remember  -
    • No User licence fees
    • No software costs
    • No annual licence fees
    • No costs to search for or retrieve documents
    • No costs to access and view documents
    • No costs to resend  by email (Faxes attract charges at Telkom rate)
    • No new PC’s, servers or memory required
    • Immediate controlled access
    • Instant document retrieval and access
    • Instant resend by email, fax and SMS
    • Archived for 7 years
    • Upload once and use as many times as you want
    • Multiple company users
    • Multiple end users
    • Simultaneous access to every document

See if you can get better than this !!

Proven and tested to work all the time and every time !